The Opening of Ocean Knowledge Production Plant

Ocean Knowledge is pleased to announce the opening of their new state of the art production plant in Kincasslagh, Donegal. With the launch of this facility, we will be able to produce an enhanced version of OceanGlas liquid and OceanGlas granular using our unique production processes, while also increasing production capacity.

“For over 17 years, I have worked in the Ascophyllum nodosum Fertilizer/bio-stimulant production industry. I’m excited and enthusiastic about the continued development of our signature Ascophyllum nodosum liquid and granular extract OceanGlas. We have devised and built a new breakthrough production technique for obtaining the essential nutrients naturally present in fresh Ascophyllum nodosum. Our food-grade industrial operation is approximately 100 metres away from where the fresh Ascophyllum nodosum grows. Our team is made up of talented and dedicated professionals with years of knowledge and expertise in Research & Development, Plant Agronomy, Quality Control, Marketing, and product innovation.” – Declan Gallagher

Quality Control

Quality control is going to be an essential part of operations in the new production plant. Continuous improvement and innovation of our product and our production process will be fundamental in our future success. Karen Gallagher, head of research and development at Ocean Knowledge is responsible for the plant trials and research for both our agriculture and amenity markets. “We have already begun some exciting new trials, both internally and in collaboration with external partners. These studies will illustrate the benefits of our product in diverse environmental situations on various grass and plant species.” Nuala Byrne, head of quality control is responsible for guaranteeing the production of a high-quality product for our customers. Improvement and innovation of our products is a key focus of Nuala’s.

“Producing a high-quality seaweed/bio-stimulant/liquid is a key priority for us in our new factory. It is important that this quality is maintained throughout the entire process, from the harvesting of raw material to the finished product that we dispatch to our customers. We can ensure this by implementing strict hygiene and analytical protocols”. We’d also like to announce that our new website will be live on May?? (finalise date). Our goal is to provide a better environment for our customers to learn more about our product, our work and to make it easier for existing and future customers to contact Ocean Knowledge.

Furthermore, we will become more active on social media in the coming months, engaging with you, our customers, and inserting ourselves into conversations surrounding our brand/product.

Our Locations

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