Ocean Potais
Ocean Potais contains high levels of Potassium. In the heart of the cells, Potassium plays a part in transformation of nitrates into proteins. It allows the plant to store the correct concentration of nitrates, which produces strudy growth. Potassium reduces the sensitivity of plants to water stress and lodging. It also stimulates the photosynthesis, the production, translocation and storage of sugars to the root.


Concentrated liquid foliar fertiliser that is Potassium based. Prevents and treats Potassium deficiency in Turfbiuret content

Key Benefits

  • Designed to avoid antagonism with Ca++ and Mg++ions present in hard water
  • Hard water strongly decreases the effectiveness of potassium fertilisers
  • Foliar penetration is particularly effective in dry periods with low relative humidity in the air
  • Helps the functioning of the stomata
  • Immediate response of foliar application
  • Ocean Potais penetrates easily through the leaves and is directly usable by the plants in the synthesis process
  • Safe to use as it is free of Chlorine, Sulphur and Nitric and Ammoniacal Nitrogen
  • Recommended Usage

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    Call your area representative for the application rate for any of the products in this
    brochure as they depend on many factors including species of grass, climate, soil/sand etc.

    Technical Specifications

    ➔ Potassium (K20) 462 g/I (31 % w/w)
    ➔ Total Nitrogen (N) in ureic form 45 g/I (3% w/w)
    ➔ 100% soluble in water


    Soluble liquid (SL)

    Application Rates

    20l – 40l per Ha
    8oz-16oz per 1000sq feet