Ocean PH Ceart
Ocean pH ceart increases the efficiency of foliar application neutralizing bicarbonates, calcium and magnesium ions. It is recommended for the most difficult conditions: Hard, dirty, alkaline water (over pH 7.5) with high content of bicarbonates etc. Water correction with Ocean pH ceart will also enable to unlock many nutrients naturally bound into the soil root zone.
Ocean pH ceart is a water pH regulator recommended to improve performances of the tank mixes resulting from the use of agrochemical products including fungicides and foliar fertilizers.


Acidifying Nitrogen solution to improve water quality

Key Benefits

  • Ocean pH ceart reduces and buffers the pH of the spray solution. With most agrochemicals, the optimum pH level of the spray mixture is between 5 and 6
  • Ocean pH ceart increases the efficiency of foliar application neutralizing bicarbonates
  • Ocean pH ceart ensures that your active substances will bring maximum efficiency and homogeneity.
  • Fertiliser for turf: Efficient source of ureic nitrogen and sulphur
  • Improvement of cultivated soils, as it reduces the problems associated with the salinity and compacting of sandy soils
  • Oxygenates soil profile to help reduce black layer
  • Ocean pH ceart protects pesticides from deactivation by hard water cations or extreme high pH conditions
  • Greater safety in handling in comparison with other conventional acids
  • Top un-blocker and clearing formula for drippers and irrigation systems
  • Recommended Usage

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    Call your area representative for the application rate for any of the products in this
    brochure as they depend on many factors including species of grass, climate, soil/sand etc.

    Technical Specifications

    ➔ Total Nitrogen (N): 15% w/w (22.5% w/v)
    ➔ Ureic Nitrogen (N): 15% w/w (22.5% w/v)
    ➔ Sulphur (S03) soluble in water: 40% w/w (60% w/v)


    Soluble liquid (SL) pH < 1

    Application Rates

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