Ocean Nitrigin
Ocean Nitrigin is a special liquid fertilizer in ureic form, containing minimum biuret contents (< 0.05% w/w}, particularly recommended for foliar application and for preventing, correcting deficiencies and imbalances in Nitrogen assimilation. Ocean Nitrigin stands out due to the high Nitrogen concentration, 100% in ureic form; minimum biuret contents and absence of ammonia (NH3), Nitrates (N03-) and impurities.


Exclusive Nitrogen Solution In ureic form with minimum biuret content

Key Benefits

  • Greater efficiency at lower doses, due to the quick absorption and the immediate response that causes in the turf
  • Maximum safety in folliar applications, not causing any phytotoxicity problems due to the absence of biuret
  • Efficient and fast nitrogen solution in different situations (abiotic stress, etc.) boosting photosynthetic activity
  • Easy and convenient to handle since it is a buffered solution with pH colour indicator leaves
  • Recommended Usage

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    Call your area representative for the application rate for any of the products in this
    brochure as they depend on many factors including species of grass, climate, soil/sand etc.

    Technical Specifications

    ➔ Total Nitrogen: 20% w/w (22% w/v)
    ➔ Ureic Nitrogen: 20% w/w (22% w/v)
    ➔ Biuret < 0.05% w/w (<0.06% w/v)


    Soluble liquid (SL)

    Application Rates

    20l – 120l per ha
    8oz – 48oz per 1000sq Feet