Ocean HumiFul
Ocean HumiFul is presented in the form of a soluble liquid (SL) and the use of the product allows the medium (soil/sand) in which the turf grass is grown in to be improved and transformed thus facilitating the availability and assimilation of the nutrients by the turf grass and improving the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil/sand.
Ocean HumiFul is a natural humic soil conditioner, based on humic and fulvic acids, soluble in water and derived from American Leonardite.


Humic amendment. Liquid humic acids derived from American Leonardite

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced soil/sand aeration and reduced soil compaction
  • Increased water retention capacity, thus efficient response to hydric stress
  • Formation and development of improved root system
  • Improves the fertility of the soil/sand
  • Physical characteristics (Structure)
  • Chemical characteristics (nutrients uptake)
  • Biological characteristics (microbial life) of the soil/sand
  • Resistance to erosion
  • Reduces nutrients’ leaching
  • Extracted from American Leonardite which guarantees a high level of concentration and ration of Humic / Fulvic
  • Recommended Usage

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    Call your area representative for the application rate for any of the products in this
    brochure as they depend on many factors including species of grass, climate, soil/sand etc.

    Technical Specifications

    ➔ Total humic extract: 15% w/w (16.5% w/v)
    ➔ Humic acids: 12% w/w (13.2% w/v)
    ➔ Fulvic acids: 3% w/w (3.3% w/v)


    Soluble liquid (SL)

    Application Rates

    10l – 20l per Ha
    4oz – 8oz per 1000sq feet