Ocean Fe47
Ocean Fe 47 is an EDTA chelated Iron. A very stable and soluble powder, when applied in correct pH conditions, will prevent chlorophyll reduction and in turn will give a more consistent colour of turf.


Soluble Iron (Fe) Chelate to enhance chlorophyll production

Key Benefits

  • The technology we developed in the manufacture of Ocean Fe 47, ensures maximum protection of the chelated Iron
  • Rich in Iron
  • Chelating agent quality guaranteed
  • Ocean Fe 47 is easily uptaken by the plant due to the organic structure of the chelating agent
  • No problems of phytotoxicity, burns or damage to the root system or the leaf surface
  • Recommended Usage

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    Call your area representative for the application rate for any of the products in this
    brochure as they depend on many factors including species of grass, climate, soil/sand etc.

    Technical Specifications

    ➔ Iron (Fe) chelated with EDTA and soluble in water: 13.2% w/w
    ➔ Chelating agent: EDTA
    ➔ Stable pH range of the chelated fraction: 4-7


    Soluble powder (WP)

    Application Rates

    OCEAN FE 47
    6kg – 8kg per Ha
    2oz per 1000sq feet